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Screen Printing Business: 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid

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We interviewed nearly 50 screen printing dealers before coming up with the following: Top 6 Screen Printing Business errors most commonly made by most screen printers. We are on a quest to find out more about screen printing have met and traveled with many screen printers. We wanted to find out more about their printing process and the problems they encounter.

So, if you are a newbie or planning to start your own screen printing business, this blog is just for you.

Screen Printing Business

First mistake: Use the same mesh screen for all jobs.

Screen printers who are starting their own screen printing business assume that they will need one type of mesh for all jobs. Printers make one of the biggest screen printing errors. Printers often rely on their screen printing supply company for 110 mesh and 125 mesh. This mesh is ideal for everyday color printing.

You will need a higher mesh if you want to print halftones and high-end photorealistic prints. The under base mesh is usually 190 to 230 mesh and the colors are 305 mesh. You need to have a variety of mesh in order to be able print quality work.

Screen Printing

Second mistake: Do not use plastisol ink directly from the can.

Although many ink companies want you to believe their ink is ready to use, some inks are extremely creamy and can be used with high-mesh screens. Many brands’ inks are too thick. To make it creamy and smooth, you will need to add some reducers.

So, instead of using plastisol ink straight from the can, you can first reduce it so that it works with your high mesh screens and on all of your multi-color jobs.

3. Mistake: Relying solely on digital marketing

Many screen printers are quick to set up a Facebook page and build their websites. It’s great for online businesses, but they don’t know it. However, if your physical store is not online, traditional marketing and sales will still be necessary.

You could buy leads, make calls, distribute flyers, and even go door to door. Show your work and ask for feedback. You can find out in person whether your prices are too high/low. You can hire experts to conduct market research. You must meet people face-to-face.

Fourth mistake: Not staying on top of the industry and current trends

It’s common knowledge that printers should keep up with industry trends. Many people say that they don’t. Customers want soft prints and what they see in stores. They are looking for abstract graphics and they want to see where the discharge ink is.

It is difficult to use for many people. Discharge ink is a softening agent that gives the print a delicate feel. Follow blogs, join forums and attend trade shows to find out what’s happening in the industry.

Mistake #5: Not being resourceful.

Screen printers have the most common problem: they can’t find an artist who will do the graphics. They are not difficult to find but they lack the knowledge. You can search online for websites that allow you to hire designers and receive your designs remotely. They cost $5 to $50 and are very easy to understand if you have the right knowledge.

6. Mistake: Use outdated equipment

You need all the equipment to be able to print better quality and attract more customers to your screen printing business. You should also make sure to replace your equipment as necessary. For better output, you can’t just settle for a four-color press. You need to have six-color news.

You can print a halftone in a laser printer. However, an inkjet printer is required for this task. You will need more color to get to the next level. Consider your exposure unit as well as your film output.


We addressed the screen printing mistakes above are most common among screen printers–irrespective of a veteran or newbie.

You should also be aware of these points if you are starting a screen-printing business.