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6 Heat Press Printing Accessories to Help Boost Your Production

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Heat Press Printing T-shirt

With these Heat Press Printing Accessories, You may have difficulties with setting the appropriate time, temperature, and pressure for your heat-press accessories if you are new. It is possible to wonder if you can fix a price for your service to make a profit.

No worries! Whether you are a beginner or an expert in heat printing, there is always something new to learn. This blog will help you make heat printing easier by sharing some of the latest techniques and solutions.

There are many ways to solve the problems associated with garment decoration. You might find accessories and attachments in your local shop to help you overcome your problems, such as fixing elevated carts or laser alignment.

Heat Press Printing Accessories

6 Essential Heat Press Accessories to Boost Your Production

Protect your heat press equipment, ease the production process, keep your machine running smoothly and print beautiful designs with ease. we must include the following heat press materials on your wish-list

01. Position yourself below the Heat Press

To fix the heat press’s vertical height, stands are necessary. This will prevent you from bending your knees and reduce fatigue.

Particularly if you need more flexibility and mobility in the production area.

Therefore, when purchasing a stand for your heat-press, ensure it fits in the dimensions and weight of your heat press.

02. Use platen covers:

To protect the platens, it is essential to use platen covers. This will allow for better printing efficiency and help you print athletic clothes such as jerseys.

If you’re using a threadable press machine, you can use a nonstick lower platen to allow the garments to be rotated easily on both sides. You can heat press the garment on both sides without having to remove it.

It is easier to put a garment on the press and take it off if you use non-stick platens instead of non-threadable ones.

It’s not worth the cost of silicon pads. You will spend too much time covering and uncovering them, which in turn will result in lost time and profits.

03. Use Application Pads to Print On-Request Surfaces

Protect buttons and zippers when printing bags, caps, shoes, etc. Flexible application pads are great for protecting heat press-sensitive areas.

You can heat press thicker materials by using more heat and for a longer time to penetrate the material. To prevent heat from being applied to sensitive areas, heat printing pillows and application pads are important.

Some people use cover sheets to reduce heat, but a few can only do this.

Heat Press

04. For irregular surfaces, adjustable platens

Pressing irregularly sized items such as bags, caps, and so on can be difficult. Manufacturers have taken the initiative to make variable-sized plates for specific object printing applications.

Therefore, the all-in-one adjustable platen is versatile and can be used to create different shapes by changing the size configuration.

Consider bags and apparel for kids and adults. You will need two plates to accommodate the same item, as each item’s size is different. Adjustable platens are quick and simple to use, so you don’t have to waste time setting up your heat-press.

You can also print on unusual areas like sleeves or chest(left) with interchangeable plates.

Interchangeable plates eliminate the need to use pillows or other equipment to heat transfer on irregular surfaces.

Do not heat print pillows if you are screen printing garments.

05. Use the Lazer alignment tools:

Proper layout tools are required for design positioning.

To ensure that every heating job is accurately and consistently positioned, you can use a laser alignment system.

You don’t need any additional tools once you have set it up. This reduces the amount of checking that you do and increases efficiency.

06. Use Weeding Aiders to Reduce the time it takes to weed.

Everyone wants to be able to save money and have a profitable heat press printing company. You must maximize your resources and weed your designs faster and more efficiently.

The use of heated weeding panels and tables reduces the time required to weed in the HTV process.

Although you can also use a knife or a tweezer to weed, it can be tedious and time-consuming compared with a weeder.


These accessories can be attached to your heat press machine to increase productivity and efficiency and ultimately save you time and money.

Laser alignment systems and weeders are tools that can improve workflow and make production easier.

Use stands and carts made specifically for this purpose to make it easy to access your heat press and organize your shop.

Protect your equipment with high-quality plates covers.

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